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Anna Simhes

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My love to animals and medicine kept me from giving up on my dream in times of need.

Interesting facts Anna

  • To be a veterinarian is my dream since childhood. When I was 4 years old, I performed my first surgery. While no one was at home, I operated on a toy bunny, who became very ill, carefully sewing up the surgical field.
  • Dogs and cats always use to live at my home. Later, I preferred dogs more. I trained them and took them to exhibitions.
  • As a child, I did gymnastics for five years, which helped me to develop the ability to overcome any difficulties.
  • The first 4 years I went to a Jewish school, which instilled in me a love of Israeli dance, which I still do to this day.

I lived in Portugal for five years and became fluent in Portuguese. After graduation, I did an internship for 2 months in the north of Portugal (Universidade de Tras-os-Montes e Alto Douro, Vila Real). Since my sophomore year, I was an intern at the Haabersty Clinic, where I fell in love with cats once and for all. At the moment I speak Russian, Estonian, English and Portuguese.

Gradually, I acquired all the qualities necessary to make my dream come true. Gymnastics has instilled in me courage and perseverance, which contributes to making quick and correct decisions in treating animals. Knowledge of foreign languages allows, in addition to excellent communication with the owners, to quickly find and analyze the necessary information. My love to animals and medicine kept me from giving up on my dream in times of need. The university provided all the necessary basic knowledge. Practice in Portugal has taught endurance and communication with the owners (it is communication and trusting relationships with the owner that are the key to successful treatment).

Practice at the Haabersti Clinic even before graduation taught me to understand the body language of cats: by the “facial” expression, the posture. You can only glance at the position of the ears to understand whether cat is calm, agitated, whether it will make contact, is it painful for a cat, or uncomfortable. And, what about Israeli dance, it helps me to replenish energy.

Since 2017, I have been working as a veterinarian at the Haabersti Clinic, constantly updating my knowledge at various national and international conferences and courses. I currently specialize in endocrinology, internal medicine, and intensive care.

Life motto:

Be better than yesterday, not better than others

Education and courses:

  • Estonian University of Life Sciences, Institute of Veterinary Medicine and Animal Sciences, Integrated studies of bachelor’s and master’s degree program in veterinary medicine, DVM (Degree in Veterinary Medicine)
  • 31st October – 3. 3rd November 2019, 5th World Feline Veterinary Conference “Complex Disease Management”, San Francisco, CA, USA
  • 22nd of October 2019 EVS service training “CLINICAL TREATMENT OF PATIENT WITH HEART DISEASE”, Pärnu, Estonia
  • 10th-12th Of October 2019 Anesthesiology course, Tallinn, Estonia
  • 4th-7th of September 2019, 25th FECAVA Eurocongress, Peterburi, Venemaa
  • 24th-26th of May 2019 Nephrology and urology course, Tallinn, Estonia
  • 22nd-24th Mart 2019 Ultrasound diagnostics, Tallinn, Estonia
  • 26th-27th of October 2018 Veterinary Medicine 2018, Tartu, Estonia
  • 17th-19th of October 2018 National Veterinary Congress 2018, Moscow, Russia
  • 27th-28th of October 2017 Veterinary Medicine 2017, Tartu, Estonia


  • After long teamwork, we have received the long-awaited and the first in the Baltic countries, the status of the Cat Friendly Clinic

Specialization and services of
Anna Simhes

  • Endocrinology

  • Internal illnesses

  • Intensive therapy