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Doctor Olga Sjatkovskaja

The more I learn, the more I realize how much more there is to learn. For this reason, annual conferences and training do not allow for a halt in development and constantly stimulate the acquisition of new knowledge.

Interesting facts Olga:

  • I knew from childhood I would be a veterinarian. I spent every summer in my grandmother’s village in Belarus on vacation, surrounded by animals, and, at that time, I dreamed of becoming a milkmaid).
  • I own 2 hard-haired dachshunds, Fefah and Geli, as well as 2 adapted cats from the street, Mufasa and Chupacabra.

The exact idea of becoming a veterinarian came when I was 14, when my first dog Chessy (Collie) got parvovirus enteritis and almost died, because at that time there were no private veterinary clinics in Estonia, and expectation for a doctor to come from the public clinic was in vain. I had to inject myself every 6 hours … Chessie recovered and my desire to become a veterinarian grew even stronger.

After graduating from Tallinn 5th Secondary School in 1990, I entered the Estonian University of Agriculture, which I graduated from, by that time the Agricultural Academy, in 1995. Straight after my graduation, I started my own business of clinic for small animals.

An interest in cat diseases, and especially infectious diseases, began in the early years of work, when the clinic was located next to the Felix Cat Club, and frequent patients of the clinic were cats. I had to seek answers to many questions on international websites and feline medical societies. Thus, since 2000 I have been a member of the International Society of Feline Medicine (ISFM-International Society of Feline Medicine), since 2010 a member of the American Association of Feline Practitioners, I constantly attend international and world conferences on feline medicine in Europe and America.

Since my interest in infectious diseases of cats has not disappeared I have joined the ranks of doctors of the International Society of Companion Animal Infectious Diseases (ISCAID – International Society of Companion Animal Infectious Diseases), and I am also a representative member of the Baltic Advisory Bureau of Cat Diseases (ABCD-Advisory Bureau of Cat Diseases).

The more I learn, the more I realize how much more there is to learn. For this reason, annual conferences and training do not allow for a halt in development and constantly stimulate the acquisition of new knowledge.

I try to share my knowledge not only with Estonian colleagues, but also with veterinarians from other countries – I participate as a lecturer of feline diseases at conferences in Estonia, Latvia, Russia, and Ukraine.

In recent years, special interest in the study of behavioral medicine of cats – this has led to the organization of the Cat Friendly Clinic (cat friendly clinic) and obtaining European accreditation from ISFM & ICatCare – 24.08.2020 we received the status with the silver level – Cat Friendly Clinic (silver).

The greatest interest in my work is still infectious and internal feline diseases, surgery, and behavioral cat medicine – which I am trying constantly develop.

Life motto:

It’s never late to learn.



  • 2018 – Portland, OR , USA
  • 2016 – Bristol, UK
  • 2012 – Toulouse, FR


  • 2014 – Indianapolis, Indiana, USA
  • 2015 – San-Diego, Ca, USA
  • 2016 – Washington, DC, USA
  • 2018 – Charlotte, NC, USA
  • 2019 – San Francisco, Ca, USA


  • 2019 – Dubrovnik, Cr
  • 2016 – Barselona, SP
  • 2015 – Porto, PR
  • 2014 – Riga, LV
  • 2012 – Budapest, HU
  • 2011 – Vienna, AU
  • 2009 – Dubrovnik, CRO
  • 2008 – Edinburg, Sc
  • 2005 – Antwerp, Bel
  • 2004 – Dublin, IR
  • 2003 – Amsterdam, Ho
  • 2002 – Stockholm, Swe

London VetShow

  • 2010 – London, UK
  • 2009 – London, UK

BSAVA Veterinary Congress

  • 2014 – Birmingem, UK
  • 2010 – Birmingem, UK

Cornell Feline Health Center`s Symposium

  • 2014 – Ithaca, NY, USA
  • 2008 – Ithaca, NY, USA


  • Organization and opening of a small pet veterinary clinic ( 1997)
  • Trip to America and practice at the SE Animal Clinic Portland, OR (2002)
  • Joining the ISFM and starting attending specialized conferences on cat diseases (2002 – )
  • Joining the AAFP ( 2010) and starting attending specialized cat disease conferences in the United States ( 2014 –)
  • Joining the ranks of ISCAID (2012) and starting attending conferences on infectious diseases of cats and dogs ( 2012 – )
  • Invitation to participate in the National Veterinary Conference (NVC, Russia, Moscow )as a lecturer and organizer of the Cat Diseases section (2013 – )
  • Receiving the award “For reaching the widest audience” at the NVC conference, Russia, Moscow (2017)
  • Obtaining the Cat Friendly Veterinary Professional ISFM/icatcare and Cat Advocate Diploma ( 2019)
  • Organization and obtaining ISFM Cat Friendly Clinic Accreditation (2020)
  • Receiving the title of Aasta Loomaarst 2020 ( Veterinarian of the Year 2020) from Estonian veterinary organizations (ELÜ, EVS)

The biggest professional achievement is the popularization of feline medicine specialization in Estonia, the Baltic States and Russia, as well as the promotion and creation of Cat Friendly clinics in Estonia and Russia.

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Olga Sjatkovskaja