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Cat claw trimming

How to properly trim a Cat’s nails

Cat claw trimming should be a regular course of action. Regular cat nail trimming is a procedure that not only helps maintain the pet’s aesthetic appearance and the integrity of furniture but also prevents health problems. However, performing such a plan of action correctly at home is not easy because most contain both blood vessels and nerve endings. Careless cutting of a cat’s claws can lead to excruciating injuries, bleeding, and infections. Therefore, it is better to entrust this procedure to professionals. The cost of such a service is quite affordable. Consider seeking professional help for clipping cat paws atour clinic in Tallinn. You can also inquire about cat nail clipping services to ensure your friend’s well-being.

Why is it necessary to trim a pet’s claws?

In the wild, large cats wear down their overgrown nails on trees. However, in indoor conditions, our beloved pets cannot do this effectively. If they continue to grow, they can cause injuries to the pet’s toes, become ingrown, and become inflamed. Additionally, long ones can easily break and injure the sensitive pulp. This is not only very painful but also dangerous in terms of the development of infectious complications.
Moreover, excessively long claws are simply inconvenient in terms of proper weight distribution during walking and jumping. With their large size, they disrupt the natural balance, forcing the animal to adapt and change its gait, which negatively affects tendons and joints.

Claw removal: indications and recommendations

Removing nails will protect against injuries and indoor furniture damage. However, this procedure is dangerous for pets. They become angry afterward because they feel helpless. They often bite and avoid contact with the owner. Without them, there is no full-fledged grip on the surface, which increases the risk of serious injuries. To prevent nails from growing, it is necessary to remove the entire phalanx of the finger, essentially making the animal disabled. Therefore, adequate veterinarians refuse to perform this procedure without substantial reasons.
However, this manipulation may be needed for medical reasons, which are determined by the veterinarian.

To whom should I entrust the cat’s claw trimming?

Residents of Tallinn can take advantage of the services of the Haabersti Loomakliinikl clinic. Trimming for cats is performed by an experienced specialist in conditions that are comfortable and pleasant for both the pet and its owner. Among our advantages are:

  • Quick trimming
  • minimal stress for the owner and the animal.
  • Scrupulous compliance with sanitary standards
  • Sterile instruments
  • Affordable prices
  • A wide range of veterinarian services

Our specialists will trim the claws of a kitten or an adult cat and provide recommendations for domestic animal care.