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 Dog Vaccination

Dog Vaccination at Haabersti Loomaklinik: Reliable Health Protection for Your Pets

This procedure is essential to ensure the health and protection of dogs from various infectious diseases. At the Haabersti Loomaklinik veterinary clinic in Tallinn, we offer high-quality services for vaccinating dogs against rabies and other illnesses, taking into account their age-specific needs and recommendations. This process involves the use of special vaccines containing weakened or killed disease-causing agents. Dog injections help activate the animal’s immune system and develop protection against specific infections.

The most common vaccines include:

  • Rabies.
  • Parainfluenza.
  • Bordetella.
  • Hepatitis.
  • Parvovirus.

Dog vaccination is a crucial step in maintaining the health and safety of your pet. Haabersti Loomaklinik in Tallinn provides this procedure in accordance with international standards. We exclusively use dog immunizations from reliable manufacturers, ensuring their quality and safety. Our vaccines are generally well-tolerated by dogs and typically do not cause undesirable side effects. We offer both puppy vaccinations primary at a few weeks old and revaccination for adult dogs to maintain their immunity.

Revaccination, or repeat immunization at specific intervals, is recommended for puppies and adult dogs to support their immune health. First,  Regular preventive measures provide reliable protection, preventing the development of dangerous diseases. Second, regular dog vaccination against rabies plays a crucial role, as this disease is deadly for dogs and poses a threat to their owners, other people, and animals.

The vaccination procedure is performed by experienced professionals in specially equipped clinic rooms. We also provide individualized care for each pet, taking into consideration their age, and health status, and offering preventive advice.

Dog vaccinations cost

The cost of vaccination depends on the selected vaccines and their quantity, which may vary based on age or regional living conditions. The age vaccination schedule is detailed by the veterinarian, and it is advisable for owners to inquire about this even before purchasing a puppy or planning pregnancy for a female dog. Regarding regional conditions, pets living in unfavorable areas may require additional vaccines against rabies and other diseases.

Immunizations at Haabersti Loomaklinik, we offer reasonable prices for vaccinating dogs, making this procedure accessible to pet owners in our office. For detailed information about the cost of our services and to schedule a vaccination, you can contact us by phone.

Prevention is a crucial aspect of caring for your pet’s health. Our clinic in Tallinn offers professional dog vaccination, using high-quality vaccines and adhering to all necessary standards. Trust us, and we will take care of your dog’s health.