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Cat Microchipping

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Any pet can get lost. Having a chip under the skin significantly simplifies the process of finding the owner. Therefore, veterinarians strongly recommend cat microchipping, even if they are not allowed outdoors. The cost to chip a cat is quite affordable, and this procedure has many benefits to the pet and its owner. Cat chipping is a common practice to ensure the identification of feline companions. It provides peace of mind knowing that your beloved cat may be quickly identified and reunited in case it gets lost. Don’t hesitate to reach out to us to schedule a microchipping appointment and ensure your pet’s safety.

What is a microchip, and where is it Implanted?

A microchip for animal identification is a compact capsule that contains electronic information in the form of a digital code. Its total size, including the shell, is 12 mm. It is implanted in the cat’s withers area during a visit to the veterinarian. The procedure takes no more than 5 minutes and is virtually painless—like a regular injection into the body—so it does not require additional anesthesia. After the implantation, the veterinarian enters the data from it into the database and records the ID number in the veterinary passport. To read the information from it, a special reader is used, which is passed over the withers, and the number is displayed on the screen. The microchip itself does not emit any radiation and does not damage tissues. It is safe for the furry companion.

Who needs microchipping?

In some districts of Tallinn and other cities in Estonia, it is a mandatory procedure for every pet owner. However, even in the absence of such requirements, it is advisable to have this procedure done. In particular, you should consider this procedure:

  • When planning to travel abroad;
  • If the pet participates in exhibitions;
  • If the furry companion is purebred and could be stolen.

Additionally, it helps to identify the owner of a lost pet and serves as proof of ownership in cases of pet substitution. It provides added security and assurance, making it a wise choice for all pet owners, whether it’s for travel, exhibitions, or ensuring the well-being and security of cherished companions. Don’t hesitate to consult a veterinarian about the benefits.

Where can you get cat microchipping?

The certified veterinary clinic Haabersti Loomakliinik in Tallinn offers chipping in cases of international travel and more. The veterinarians perform this procedure quickly and skillfully in a manipulation room, causing minimal stress to the animal. Among the advantages of this procedure at the veterinary clinic are:

  • Promptness: the procedure takes 5-7 minutes;
  • Chipping of kittens from 5 weeks old;
  • Documentation processing;
  • Comfortable conditions to the animal and owner;
  • A wide range of veterinary services;
  • Consultative support;
  • Reasonable prices: the cost is quite affordable.

At Haabersti Loomakliinik, only experienced veterinarians with veterinary education and significant experience work. We provide both planned and emergency veterinary care. If you have any further questions, please contact the office. Pet’s safety and well-being are our top priorities.