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Pet cremation

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Pet cremation at Haabersti loomaklinik

Losing a pet is a challenging experience for any family. The veterinary clinic understands the difficulty of this situation. We offer compassionate assistance by providing pet cremation services in Tallinn. Our goal is to support you during this emotional time and offer an alternative to burial. Our animal cremation procedure aims to help you say goodbye to your beloved companion in a dignified manner, preserving a lasting memory of your cherished pet. At Haabersti Loomaklinik veterinary clinic, we understand the importance of transparency, especially when it comes to sensitive services like pet cremation. Therefore, we provide clear and transparent pricing for our animal cremation services. We strive to ensure that the pet cremation prices are reasonable and affordable, considering the emotional significance of this process for owners. If you are considering the procedure, Haabersti Loomaklinik veterinary clinic is here to assist you with care and respect. Transparent about pet cremation costs, we’re here to support you through this emotional time.

Individual or joint procession

We know how much pain is associated with the loss of a dog, cat, or other family pet. That’s why the animal crematorium in Tallinn carries out all the necessary measures to ensure that the owner’s farewell to the friend is honored and at the proper level.

As part of the services provided, individual or joint (group) cremation of animals in Tallinn is carried out: dogs or other house animals. If you want to keep the ashes, you will have to buy a special urn for this purpose. Our animal crematorium in Tallinn operates with the highest standards of care and professionalism. We prioritize creating a serene and compassionate atmosphere where owners can bid farewell to their beloved pets with the reverence they deserve.

Features of the procedure

The crematorium in Tallinn Haabersti Loomaklinik provides services for the incineration of the pet’s body. This is an option where the ashes are left behind.

The cremation of a dog or others includes:

  • transportation of the body to the crematory;
  • storing the body in a freezer until the procession;
  • Place the ashes in a decorative urn after the body is incinerated (selected from our offer).

If necessary, it is possible to hold the event in the presence of family members, which will allow you to say goodbye in person.

We also offer joint (group) cremation of house animals. In such cases, the procedure is carried out together with the bodies of other pets. As a result, it will not be possible to separate the ashes, thus keeping them to yourself. After incineration, the remains are disposed of.

How the process is carried out

Individual cremation of a cat or others takes place in a special chamber, which is a kind of oven. The burial is performed very carefully and in private to accurately collect all the ashes. After the procedure, the ashes are placed in a special urn.

Many owners want to burn not only their bodies but also their favorite toys and other things about their dog or cat. This is possible, but only things are burned separately from bodies.

During the procedure, the owner can participate in a farewell ceremony. This may involve the entire family saying goodbye to the former resident of the home with dignity and remembrance. In such places, there is usually a calm atmosphere, and the ceremony is not disturbed by other visitors to the crematorium. However, for many people, even such a farewell can be traumatic.

The urn is accompanied by a special certificate signed by a staff member, confirming that the incineration process has been carried out correctly.

Where to contact

The cost of incineration depends on the size of your friend. Small ones, such as cats or small dogs, are cheaper. Large ones are more expensive to cremate. It is also worth considering the need for transportation or an urn with ashes – such services are paid additionally, and the price of the procedure will be correspondingly higher.

A great convenience is the placement of animals in specially refrigerated chambers so that the farewell ceremony can come at any time when the family is ready. Accommodation of the beloved one in the cold room is paid separately for a certain period agreed upon with the owner and veterinarian

At Haabersti Loomaklinik crematorium, the aim is to offer reasonable prices and maximum opportunities for you to bid farewell to your cherished animals with the utmost dignity and respect. Please feel free to contact us for further details or to discuss how we can assist you during this challenging time.