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Services of a cat psychologist

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Services of a cat psychologist at Haabersti Loomaklinik

Does your cat cause problems and inconveniences in the house: does he urinate outside the litter box or pee on your husband’s things, scratch objects? Does he try to leave the territory of the house, or behave aggressively towards you and other household members? 

If your beloved one displays unusual or capricious behavior, it can be challenging. Our cat psychologist will help you. They specialize in cat behavior correction at Haabersti Loomaklinik veterinary clinic in Tallinn. Our expert cat behaviorist understands feline psychology, providing therapy to address and correct troublesome behaviors in cats. We recognize that like human psychology, animal psychology plays a crucial role in understanding and modifying a pet’s behavior. Our feline psychologist focuses on helping them overcome behavioral issues through specialized therapy techniques.

Behavioral consultation

Behavior correction from Haabersti Loomaklinik begins with a consultation with an experienced specialist. During the consultation, we collect a detailed interview with the owner of the pet. Thanks to this, we will determine the cause of the problem.

After the consultation, the psychologist will provide a detailed action plan. Recommendations will allow you to learn how to properly act on the solution to problem behavior. Understand why it behaves in such an undesirable way, restore emotional balance, and improve the relationship.

When treatment is needed,

A cat psychologist can be helpful in a variety of cases, namely:

  • cat pissing outside the litter box and spraying in house;
  • excessive and constant scratching of objects in the house;
  • unusual meowing;
  • nocturnal activity;
  • aggressive behavior;
  • introduction of a new animal into the home;
  • marking territory and peeing on everything;
  • some cases of aggression between cats and humans.

The list described above covers the most common problems caused by cats. Many problems are resolved in a few sessions, which can be done at a reasonable cost.

Aggression is a challenging topic. A zoopsychologist can help sort out aggression problems. If the pet attacks the owner or family members, it is important to react in time. Contact a specialist at Haabersti Loomaklinik in Tallinn, who will examine your pet’s emotional state and prescribe appropriate treatment.

Where to turn

Understanding and addressing the needs of pets often requires specialized care and guidance, much like the support provided by a psychologist for humans. While pets may exhibit self-care behaviors, the invaluable help of a psychologist can significantly enhance their well-being in ways that might be challenging to achieve otherwise. Embracing and respecting their inherent animal nature serves as the foundation for a meaningful relationship with our animal companions. At our veterinary clinic, seeking help means gaining access to the expertise of an experienced pet psychologist. Our dedicated professionals are equipped to understand and address the unique behavioral and emotional needs of your pet. We believe in tailoring our approach to meet the individual requirements of each animal, ensuring a personalized and effective intervention. It’s important to note that the pricing for our pet psychology services is determined on a case-by-case basis, taking into account the specific condition, needs, and circumstances of the animal. We prioritize providing comprehensive care while considering the affordability and well-being of both pets and their owners. Your pet’s comfort and mental health are our top priorities, and we are committed to supporting them through compassionate and effective psychological care.