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Dog Microchipping

+372 50 80 660 Õismäe tee 115A, Tallinn
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In many districts of Tallinn, dog chipping is mandatory. However, even in the absence of such a requirement, veterinarians recommend microchipping dogs. This measure makes it easier to identify the pet in case of loss and more with the given ID. The cost for microchipping a dog is affordable, and this procedure is only done once in a lifetime. It offers peace of mind to owners, knowing that their puppy’s information is readily available in case they need to be reunited. Once you have done puppy microchipping, their unique identification number can be scanned by veterinarians or animal shelters if your furry friend ever gets lost.

What Microchip is: Installation and Reading

This is a veterinary procedure that involves the subcutaneous implantation of a special electronic microchip into the body. It contains an individual code. Simultaneously, information about the specific animal (name, breed, date of birth) and its owner (name, address, phone number) is entered into a database. Additional info, such as health features, vaccination records, and more, can also be added.

It remains under the skin the entire life without causing harm to surrounding tissues. When necessary, data from it is read using a special device. This helps with quick identification of the owner of the animal.

When is dog microchipping needed?

Many owners turn to a specialist to have their dogs chipped in case of international travel. When you have such trips, they must have a veterinary passport and a chip. Additionally, the installation can be useful for:

  • All pet owners, as pets can get lost, and an identifier speeds up the search for the owner;
  • Show dogs, as having a microchip is a mandatory requirement to participate in exhibitions;
  • Purebred pets that could potentially be substituted or stolen.

Where is microchipping done?

The certified veterinary clinic Haabersti Loomakliinik in Tallinn offers the procedure for domestic animals with data entry into a common database. The procedure is performed by a qualified veterinarian in a manipulation room while adhering to aseptic requirements.

Among the advantages of microchipping at Haabersti Loomakliinik are:

  • Chip introduction for puppies from 6 weeks of age;
  • Speed: it takes just a few minutes to implant;
  • Documentation processing;
  • Convenient pre-appointment scheduling;
  • Comfortable environment to the animal and owner;
  • A wide range of veterinary services;
  • Attractive competitive prices: the cost is quite affordable.

The Haabersti Loomakliinik clinic is conveniently located and has a flexible schedule of operations. If you have any further questions, please contact our office.