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Vaccination for Cats

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Vaccination for Cats: Protect Your Pet from Serious Diseases

Vaccination is the only possible way to prevent many severe illnesses and even the loss of domestic animals. Therefore, all veterinary doctors, without exception, are confident in the necessity of its implementation. Immunization is essential for both indoor and outdoor cats. Its essence lies in injecting antigenic material into the animal’s body, which triggers an immune response and prevents the onset of disease or significantly reduces its severity. Only qualified veterinarians in veterinary clinics perform cat injections. When considering cat vaccinations, it’s essential to be aware of the associated costs. Cat vaccination cost is totally justified by the quality of the procedures. Trained professionals administer injections to cats to safeguard the health and welfare of your feline friend. Indoor cat vaccinations are just as crucial as those for outdoor for protection from various diseases and infections.

What Is Vaccination, and How Does It Work?

The primary purpose of it is to educate the immune system to combat specific disease agents. Vaccines contain weakened or dead bacteria (microbes) that stimulate the immune system. In other words, during injection, the immune system becomes familiar with these pathogens and learns to respond to them correctly.

While immunization is often not a 100% guarantee against diseases, it undoubtedly helps the pet recover faster if the disease does develop. In the case of some particularly dangerous infections, vaccines can even save an animal’s life.

Is Vaccinating Your Indoor Cat Necessary?

Veterinarians recommend administering vaccinations to cats regardless of whether they have outdoor access. Different viruses can easily be brought into the home by their owners on shoes or clothing. In the case of especially dangerous infections like rabies, infection sources can even include accidentally entering the home of rats or mice. There are known cases where domestic kittens have suffered from flying bats.

Therefore, keeping little friends indoors does not guarantee their safety or health.

How Is Cat Vaccination Conducted?

Vaccination is carried out strictly according to the schedule:

  • The first vaccination plan for kittens is performed at 2 months of age. Kittens receive comprehensive immunization against respiratory diseases, including calicivirus, panleukopenia, and rhinotracheitis.
  • One month after the first vaccination, revaccination is performed. The young kitten receives a second vaccine against these same diseases as well as the first vaccine against rabies.
  • Subsequently, vaccines against all four diseases should be given annually throughout the pet’s life.
  • At 16–20 weeks, they should be vaccinated against infectious parotitis. Revaccination is carried out once a year, after the first year.

Where Can You Have Your Cat Vaccinated in Tallinn?

The large veterinary clinic Haabersti Loomakliinik offers its services to all residents of Tallinn and its surroundings. We provide injections for kittens and adult cats, helping to individually tailor the vaccination schedule if your pet has not received the necessary vaccines for any reason.

Our veterinarians:

  • Inform the owner about the immunization preparation rules.
  • Use only modern, high-quality, certified vaccines.
  • Adhere to all temperature storage requirements for vaccines.
  • Provide owners with a certificate of getting vaccinated, including all data on the vaccines administered.
  • Offer guidance on pet care if needed.

Haabersti Loomakliinik follows a fair pricing approach, so the cost of all services is pleasantly affordable. You can pre-estimate prices on our website.