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Putting cats to sleep

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Putting cats to sleep at Haabersti Loomaklinik veterinary clinic

Cats are the most popular pets. The life expectancy of a healthy animal is much shorter than that of a human. Not to mention a sick one. Owners sooner or later have to face the death of their pets. In what cases should you go for cat euthanasia? It can become a relevant decision when he reaches old age or suffers from a serious illness.

Euthanasia (putting a cat down)—the term comes from the Greek language; in veterinary medicine, it means a gentle and painless way of putting a sick animal to sleep. Owners have a responsibility to keep their pets from suffering and take appropriate measures. When an animal is suffering and there is no effective treatment, putting the beloved ones to sleep with the help of the Haabersti Loomaklinik veterinary clinic in Tallinn will be the best choice. We offer affordable cat euthanasia costs and quality service

When the procedure is applied

When all indications point to an animal suffering, putting a cat to sleep at Haabersti Loomaklinik may be the smartest option.

Signs of pain and suffering may include:

  • decreased activity;
  • refusal to eat or drink;
  • apathetic behavior, lack of interest in the environment;
  • general behavioral changes;
  • aggressive behavior (dementia);
  • hygiene problems.

A visit to the veterinarian is inevitable if the pet is old and suffers from an incurable disease, is in severe pain, or is at an advanced age.

An experienced professional can determine if euthanasia is necessary. At the veterinarian’s office, clients receive comprehensive information regarding further actions.

Humanity, professionalism, individuality

The costs of this type of service consist of several elements. The pet owner covers the cost of the sedation procedure and the anesthetics used, as well as the labor costs of the veterinarian performing the intraperitoneal injection. The price of the procedure also varies depending on the amount and type of euthanasia medication used.

Haabersti Loomaklinik Tallinn veterinary service guarantees the acceptable cost of the procedure as well as professional assistance. Legislative and humane methods are used, which allow the animal to avoid psychological and physical pain during the last moments of life.

To perform euthanasia, the doctors use the safest and most certified means possible, only innovative equipment, and the most loyal approach. Call the clinic and get an appointment.