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Dog euthanasia

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Dog euthanasia at Haabersti Loomaklinik

Saying goodbye to a beloved pet is a very sad moment you don’t want to think about until the last moment. Sometimes dog euthanasia is the only way out. In some situations, you are better off putting a dog down than letting him suffer and be in pain. Haabersti loomaklinik in Tallinn can help you with this. Our veterinary clinic, with 30 years of experience in old dog euthanasia procedures, uses modern and painless methods. We offer affordable dog euthanasia costs and quality service

When it is necessary

The main criterion that determines the need for euthanasia is the state of health and quality of life of the animal. The deterioration of a sick pet’s health and the lack of prospects for its recovery indicate the need to make hard decisions. If a healthy pet shows the following symptoms, it is necessary to immediately contact the specialists at Haabersti Loomaklinik in Tallinn:

  • serious injuries after an accident;
  • incurable diseases like cancer that usually can be followed by incontinence and the rest of the symptoms;
  • aggressive behavior followed by dementia with no alternatives for correction.

How sedation is carried out

There are two humane methods of euthanasia:

Animals are sedated intramuscularly before being put to sleep. After a few minutes, the patient falls into a deep sleep. The veterinarian then administers an injection that stops breathing.

The second option involves an intravenous catheter, through which the drug enters the bloodstream. The pet loses consciousness in seconds and dies. The doctor may first administer the anesthetic through a venous catheter.

The service of putting animals to sleep is performed in a clinic. The procedure is performed by a veterinarian in a specially equipped room. In the process of the procedure, only high-quality and certified drugs are used. To a greater extent, it depends on the price of the service. 

To put a beloved one to sleep humanely is to get rid of the daily torment of a four-legged friend, old or sick, who has no chance for life.

Where to contact

When you contact the veterinarians at Haabersti Loomaklinik to book an appointment, you can rest and be assured that the sedation procedure will be performed professionally, painlessly, and without cost.

The total cost of the euthanasia procedure includes the following:

  •  sedation procedure;
  • sedation of the animal;
  • medication for putting a friend to sleep.

The staff of the veterinary clinic in Tallinn always takes into account the wishes of clients and understands the peculiarities of each situation. We offer democratic prices to pet owners and quality service.