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Euthanasia of animals

An incurable disease is a severe trial for both the animal and its owner. If the disease is progressing, causing the pet only pain and suffering, there is only one way out of such a situation – painless euthanasia of animals. This service is usually resorted to by the owners of dogs and cats, however, euthanasia of other types of pets, such as guinea pigs or ferrets, is possible.

How is painless euthanasia of animals carried out?

Euthanasia is a simple and completely painless procedure. The euthanasia of animals is carried out by injecting a large dose of anesthetic into the vein, which allows the pet to gradually fall asleep, lose consciousness, and die peacefully. The veterinarian injects the drug into the vein of the front paw, and the process of loss of consciousness and death occurs within a few minutes after the injection. Intramuscular injection of the drug is also possible.

Indications for euthanasia

Only a doctor can determine the possibility and advisability of euthanasia. This procedure is the most extreme measure. Euthanasia of an animal is possible only in those situations when neither surgical nor medical treatment can relieve the pet’s suffering.

Among the indications for euthanasia are:

  • Severe injuries that are incompatible with life;
  • Congenital pathologies that cause the animal suffering and are incurable;
  • Severe diseases that are incurable (including advanced stage oncology, incurable heart and vascular pathologies, respiratory system diseases, etc.).

Euthanasia allows relieving a sick pet from pre-death suffering. It is a difficult, but humane decision. Euthanasia of healthy individuals is not carried out.

Where to perform euthanasia of an animal?

The certified veterinary clinic Haabersti Loomakliinik in Tallinn is ready to come to the aid of owners of seriously ill pets. Our veterinarians assess the pet’s condition and, if necessary, conduct thorough examinations to confirm the need for euthanasia. Euthanasia is carried out humanely, in comfortable conditions, and in a supportive emotional atmosphere.

Among our advantages:

  • Use of certified drugs that do not cause discomfort or suffering to the animal;
  • High qualification of veterinary doctors;
  • Assistance in burial and cremation;
  • System of prior appointment;
  • Individual consultations;
  • A wide range of veterinary procedures;
  • Adequate competitive prices.

Specialists of Haabersti Loomakliinik veterinary clinic in Tallinn support the owners, acting softly, professionally, and humanely. The cost of services is indicated